I’m Inspired…….


I have been very inspired to write throughout my life. Since I was a little girl, I loved to listen to music and sing like the performers of  past years. I would take the time to write the words of every song and realized I had the ability to write on my own and have written my own music and recorded it and had it copy written. I had felt inspired to continue to write, not only songs, but poems, letters and cards. I felt compelled to write every day in my journal and to jot my deepest thoughts down to my God, my Lord, my Creator. Why? I was very inspired to write. I was inspired to teach myself to draw. So, I did. I realized as I finished my drawings and took them to A-Comics, that the owner liked the drawings and told me to put them in frames and add color to them and they would sell them for me. I call it A God Inspiration! I love to draw and to write, and have been inspired to write my own mini books and add my own drawings all because I was loyal to God and He inspired me. Now, I am being followed on Instagram, Facebook and Instapray, I realized I must have a word for others to hear, that will inspire, encourage and uplift them. I am here to Inspire my readers in ways they never thought they could be inspired……


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