Never In my wildest dreams…….


Would I ever think my life would feel so fulfilled. With the ups and downs of life, the rocky roller coasters that you go through in your life. It is not a perfect life. But with God it is a do-able life. I can breathe again. I can start again and not fall unless I allow

my self to, on my own. Things that happened that I have no control over were beyond my control. I have opened my heart,  I have released those who have hurt me and I have forgiven them.  It was not right away, honestly it took me years. When it did happen it was like wow, I can do this and I will not allow it to hurt me anymore. I learned to let my life, my heart and my mind  be transformed. You see the way you think will determine how you feel. If you feel good and think positively, you will have a good day. If you feel sad or mad and think negatively, your day will not be good. It is mind over matter and what you think that will determine how your day will turn out. I like to think of it as transforming my thoughts and thinking higher of myself, by humbling my self and getting in the presence of God while breathing in and out slowly, focusing my thoughts, and listening, and watching with clarity what type of visions I am having during these times of meditation.  I love to be out in nature to connect to it. The hardest thing to do is to stop thinking. Just stop your thoughts, it takes a lot of practice to stop rambling in your mind and to slow down thoughts by thinking positively and continuing to slow it down, until you realize every word that you are speaking before you speak it. You now have control over your thoughts. Then the positive that you think, starts to come to pass. Practice it and you will see your life change for the better.  I feel better about myself and other people. So, it is easy to give others the benefit of a doubt and to see the good in others.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I could do this………..



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