Just Go with The Flow…


Have you ever noticed your day, just flows without any thought or trouble at all. It just starts, goes through the day and ends so smoothly. You really feel like it is a dream. What no drama today at work, or at home? Wow, today was an awesome day!  I felt like I was floating on a cloud like my feet were not touching the ground. Yes that smoothly! When was the last time you had a day like that? You have had some.  What in the universe or Godly nature, does this event usually happen. We know it is supposed to be a full moon for 3 days, but that is when all the crazy moods and drama begin. Right? So, what made today so good? How can that be. Don’t judge me. I do not take it for granted. Actually I love days like this! I could use these kind of days everyday. Couldn’t you. Even driving was nice, no rude drivers at all. As a matter of fact they were all kind like me. Letting people cut in and merging right on time and nobody was being selfish. At least it seemed to me. Did anyone else have a day like this?

I am very thankful and I was in a great mood today. I woke up early, prayed with my daughter as I always do every morning before she leaves to school. My life was on auto pilot and I loved it! All my co-workers got along and were so considerate to each other. Well I am learning a great lesson, and will continue to just go with the flow………..


Today Was Supposed To Be That Day…..


Today was the day that I stayed home and rested. Well I worked online for a few hours. I did rest from my day job for a few hours, and then the other online job kicked in, as I did want to have a proactive day.  I visited with the family as I have so many of them coming in for my Sister’s retirement from the Military this Saturday. I also visited with my adopted Son, wife and grand kids that dropped in for a visit. A very busy day, how could I possibly rest. I realized that now that it is late,I will write a little.

Yes, today was supposed to be that day! Sometimes, you can’t say it will be like this or that. The day controls you, and the people around you. Unless you lock yourself in your room and just don’t come out. Then, when will you eat. I ate late, because I fasted all morning long until almost 3pm. Not intentionally, it just happened that way.

I called off from work sick, but resting gets old and I know I need the rest to heal, but being at home gets tired quick.

I should not be such a workaholic. How do I find time to relax. If I do, I am asleep and I feel guilty for sleeping to get better and to heal.

Today should of been the day, because I still feel bad and will have to spend another day at home, when I want to go to work.

Tomorrow I will work at home, drawing and painting and  being more creative.

Yes, today should of been the day……….

What a Day…..


Have you ever had a day that you knew was going to be slow, uninteresting and negative? You can just feel the energy and it was so heavy. I tend to think to my self that I refuse to have “one of those days”. I can’t for see it in my future! I have to get up  and make my day special. I am determined to do that. Whether it is to make someone’s day or just be a positive light and reinforcement in a place that has negative energy.  Do you remember growing up and giving every one else all the power and you just went along with the tension, the negativity, the stress? Why did I do that? Why did I say wow, I had a bad day, I will see how tomorrow goes. It better not be a bad day. And then it was, because of people around me were having a bad day. Well it did not mean, that I had to have a bad day too. I learned in life to pick your battles and to make positive choices. Other people do not determine my day and how it will be. I choose to make my day everyday when I wake up. I make the choice to be happy, positive, joyful and full of energy. I took my power back years ago and will not let anyone take it from me. So on the job I am happy and joyful, and others may not be, but because I kept being me and did not conform to be like those at work. I have been blessed to see major transformations taking place in others. Maybe not all, but a majority of my co-workers. Life is hard enough and I don’t need any other stress to carry. I am not saying that I don’t feel for you, but I will pray for you and try my best to uplift, encourage and help you in any way that I can. But that joy is mine and mine alone if it must be. So, I am sharing this to say….Don’t let anyone steal your joy, and don’t be afraid to get caught smiling and laughing. It is your day and you chose it! Take back your power and watch your life and those around you being transformed  day by day. It may not happen over night, but it is going to happen because you chose to make it happen. “There is life and death in the POWER of the tongue. Speak life over yourself,loved ones and circumstances.  You have the power!

Oh what a day……….