Today Was Supposed To Be That Day…..


Today was the day that I stayed home and rested. Well I worked online for a few hours. I did rest from my day job for a few hours, and then the other online job kicked in, as I did want to have a proactive day.  I visited with the family as I have so many of them coming in for my Sister’s retirement from the Military this Saturday. I also visited with my adopted Son, wife and grand kids that dropped in for a visit. A very busy day, how could I possibly rest. I realized that now that it is late,I will write a little.

Yes, today was supposed to be that day! Sometimes, you can’t say it will be like this or that. The day controls you, and the people around you. Unless you lock yourself in your room and just don’t come out. Then, when will you eat. I ate late, because I fasted all morning long until almost 3pm. Not intentionally, it just happened that way.

I called off from work sick, but resting gets old and I know I need the rest to heal, but being at home gets tired quick.

I should not be such a workaholic. How do I find time to relax. If I do, I am asleep and I feel guilty for sleeping to get better and to heal.

Today should of been the day, because I still feel bad and will have to spend another day at home, when I want to go to work.

Tomorrow I will work at home, drawing and painting and  being more creative.

Yes, today should of been the day……….


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