Just Go with The Flow…


Have you ever noticed your day, just flows without any thought or trouble at all. It just starts, goes through the day and ends so smoothly. You really feel like it is a dream. What no drama today at work, or at home? Wow, today was an awesome day!  I felt like I was floating on a cloud like my feet were not touching the ground. Yes that smoothly! When was the last time you had a day like that? You have had some.  What in the universe or Godly nature, does this event usually happen. We know it is supposed to be a full moon for 3 days, but that is when all the crazy moods and drama begin. Right? So, what made today so good? How can that be. Don’t judge me. I do not take it for granted. Actually I love days like this! I could use these kind of days everyday. Couldn’t you. Even driving was nice, no rude drivers at all. As a matter of fact they were all kind like me. Letting people cut in and merging right on time and nobody was being selfish. At least it seemed to me. Did anyone else have a day like this?

I am very thankful and I was in a great mood today. I woke up early, prayed with my daughter as I always do every morning before she leaves to school. My life was on auto pilot and I loved it! All my co-workers got along and were so considerate to each other. Well I am learning a great lesson, and will continue to just go with the flow………..


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