Being Real, Authentic and True….


I have been going through some real heart wrenching emotional stuff. Have you ever just felt so real, so authentic and true to yourself that, you know what is going on and you are not going to feel like you have to hide from the world, just because you

are going through some stuff in life. I don’t want to always smile, because I do, all the time. I want to be real, yet still I smile.

l also, don’t want to speak to those at work who choose which day of the week they want to speak to me and carry on a conversation with me, yet I say good morning to them and everyone else that is nice to me. I just want to be authentic and say if you don’t want to speak, then don’t. I am not upset about it. Just be real and authentic to me, not fake. They do it to so many people in the office and we don’t care anymore. I thought oh, I will think more higher of them, they may just be having a bad day, or something happened at home. Nah! No excuse is needed. This is just them! I would rather be like them at times and not speak to them as if they did not exist. But, why do I always feel guilty and take the higher road and do what is right. I don’t know I am just aligned like this. I have realized that is my real, authentic and true self……….


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