I have lived the hardest life I ever wanted to live. I have had many hardships and I have learned very valuable lessons along the way. I am just starting to live life, and I am craving the excitement. I have been on some very strange paths, but this one feels so right. Starting over is never easy. You are lost and then you kind of go through a mourning process, and then you come out to the light, so brilliant, beautiful and bright.
Out of all that darkness into light. I am so blessed to see the light. No more confusion and feeling stuck. Momentum is picking up and I am diving in feet first. It feels so good to smile and mean it. Also to laugh is great. I mean a deep heart felt laugh that keeps you smiling for days. I have started to live and I am loving my new start and my new life. It seems it is exactly the way it should be right now and I have been taking every opportunity to get out after work and on the weekends. I feel like a bird flying and soaring above the trees. Walking in nature every chance I get during work on the walking and bike paths near the river is great. Life is worth living………..


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