Children and Young Adults…


Children and Young adults have seemed to become the center of my life. I mean, I raised my two and my sister’s five children and  took kids in off the streets and raised them as my own and my children’s friends that were left on the streets, I took in. Not to toot my own horn, but the overwhelming desire to raise a child and to give them what my children had, clothes, a bed, warmth,  food, love and a roof over their heads. Yes there were a lot of sleep overs and sharing of rooms. They became like brothers and sisters. I truly believe now that since I lost 2 children that my purpose was  to help to raise others. I took them to church and gave them a positive foundation to stand and they all go to church still and some have their own children and they call me Grandma for the ones I took in off the streets and Auntie for the relative’s. l love them all and it helped to make my life more fulfilling and gave me motivation to carry on.  It could not fill the void of the loss I suffered, but it did make me feel better knowing that someone’s baby would not die or be on the streets. Children and Young Adults need our love, nurturing, help, direction and discipline to make them into the Children and Young adults they were blessed to be. It helped these Children and Young Adults to fulfill their purpose, because someone did not give up on them….


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