I got my Joy back…..

joy, Life Lessons, Peace

This year I did something totally different. I grew up and now I look at life with a child like heart. Let me explain. I realized for 24 years I have been in mourning around the Christmas Holidays. I was in a fog, confused, crying and just sad about my children that passed. This year I said I will experience Christmas with Joy. So instead of taking my daughter’s birthday off to go and put a plant on her grave, I waited to do it on Saturday. So, I went to work and I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. There was so much laughter at work that day, and bonuses from my boss and gifts from Sub-contractors and that started my “Joy” full day.I would usually go to karaoke on Friday, but a D.J. friend of mine that I have known for years said he was throwing a party that night. Guess what I did? I went and had a wonderful time seeing friends I had not seen in almost 12 years, hugging, laughing, visiting and getting caught up, I realized I danced all night with multiple dance partners and friends. A “Joy” full evening. I did it!! I proved to myself that all it took was a different mindset and a child like heart and every day since then I have been feeling wonderful and looking at things with a child’s perspective and view. Do you remember being young and you could not go to sleep Christmas Eve thinking about Christmas and the gifts and what you were getting? Hoping to get certain gifts you asked for. Remember the anticipation of that day getting here, that you stayed up almost all night and you feel asleep with exhaustion and you woke up refreshed, but tired, but excited and ready to race downstairs and open those toys. That is exactly how I now feel each and everyday since I decided to take that step. My whole life has changed for the better!  Life has been great and most of all I got my “Joy” back……………….