Let me entertain you…….

Thoughts are just thoughts until you speak them. Words are only words until you write them. Songs are only songs until you compose them. Life is only life until you do something about your life. We can make excuses why we did not do this or that, when we were the one’s procrastinating. How many times have you told yourself to do something pretty fun and fantastic, only to talk your self out of it? How many times were you going to start that book or blog only to put it off? See life is what you make of it. It is your time, your energy, your thoughts, words, emotions that should be shared with others.
Why would you write a book for yourself, or sing a song for yourself, or paint a picture for yourself. It is meant to be shared. No matter what your perception might be, it may not be everyone’s perception and that is what makes it extraordinary. Not because others got to view it, but because you shared your heart. You loved it and that is all that matters as you let me entertain you……..


2 thoughts on “Let me entertain you…….

  1. This was great to read. I am on the same page with you in all that you said here. I have been working on much of this in the past few months. I finally started writing my book and starting to take my blog more seriously. We will miss out on so much if we don’t make the choice to jump in with both feet~

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